A Note For The Discouraged

With the current state of the US government, it’s so difficult to keep from feeling discouraged…

Talk of slashing at the nation’s budget has shifted to focus on the frivolousness and dispensability of the social sciences, particularly funding of archaeological scholarships. Archaeology and Anthropology may be under attack by ignorant, scrambling politicians during a time of economic panic, but we can’t let it distract us from the importance of the study and the field.

Such things like racial divides, worldwide medical inefficiency, wrongful environmental exploitation, ethnic extinction, military humanitarian crimes, cultural ignorance, historical inaccuracy, scholastic bias, and just general hatred and discrimination are all things that anthropologists and archaeologists help to solve. It is not merely a “hobby”, it is a way (just like any other science) to come up with educated and thoughtful decisions about how to make the world a better place for us human beings to live in.

Postscript: In my opinion, when the world is going to shit, apocalypse style, and our humanity is on the brink of extinction: anthropologists will be the underdogs who save the day.


Read on, my friends!

“Archeological Personalities and the Profession’s Future”
Society for Historical Archaeology (blog)

“Communicating Archaeological Scholarship”
Archeology and Material Culture (blog)

-with love, devonshiregrace


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